Charlie Thomas goes to Afghanistan

charlie in iraqYou may remember Charlie's previous war experience, in Iraq-- living with and delivering greetings to the troops in and around Baghdad in December, 2006. Thomas spent most of his stay imbedded with troops at Camp Taji, just north of Baghdad, which houses the 827th supply base for forwarding operating bases their necessary supplies (FOBs).

(Charlie in Iraq at left)

This time Thomas is off to Afghanistan, embedding with the 203rd Engineering Battalion which is assigned the task of clearing IED's (improvised explosive devices) from the country's roadways-- making it safer for soldiers and civilians to travel.

Prior to their departure, the 203rd has been training to prepare for the rigors of duty in a combat zone. While training at Camp Clark, Thomas visited the men and women of the 203rd and brought back some snapshots of his visit. On October 12th and 13th, Thomas will spend time with the unit at Fort McCoy in Wisconsin.

Charlie's Fort McCoy Photos

Listen to Charlie's Message about the trip


"The sign says it all.  Charlie arrives at Fort McCoy Wisconsin on October 10th to spend two days with the troops."


One of the vehicles at McCoy


Another vehicle at McCoy


First aid drills taking place.


Some down time for the troops in the barracks at Fort McCoy.


All the comforts of home.  Not.  This is what billeting will look like in Afganistan.


Real time training for convoy travel.


Charlie talks to Private Dickey from Joplin about her first deployment.

On the net.  As close to home as a solider can get.